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Ana Lorena Méndez y Lucía Castillo - GDLife

Ana Lucia Mendez and Lorena Castillo, photographers graduated at the Visual Arts Center, University of Guadalajara. Both with a passion to create timeless images from what they see in their everyday life, what surprises them everyday, what others do not see that they marvel.

There are several tools that support this passion, but it was not really the camera that uncovered the moment, it was a smartphone. Photographing the passage has never been easier for them since discovering Instagram. Part of this new tool has been available for just over a year, the application of their choice. It allowed them to immediately and simply create images to then share with the world. Apart from photos of cats, dogs, teenagers, including great photos of art that can be found in the application, Instagram has become a major global source of information in graphics. It is the first application of photography to exceed one billion hosted photos and more than 50 million users. The global impact of what is being done with it, is getting bigger. Even as we speak of a movement which exhibitions framed photos of the most popular users.
Instagram is much more than an anecdotal social network of photos, it is a revolution in global communication.
Knowing this and wanting to be part of this “movement”, Ana Lorena and Lucia were given the task of collecting a sample of 70 images (35 each) created in Instagram. The focus of the project is to portray the everyday moments of urban life, things that have lost value because of its simplicity or because of being part of an urban landscape. In the bustle that exists, it is difficult to discover their aesthetic value and beauty.

La galería del bar 1er. Piso del 26 de julio al 23 de agosto de 2012.

El título de la exposición es #insta_gdl_mx

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