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In the preparation of our square pizza we use a rigorous selection process from flour to the  ideal ingredients. The attention to the oven, the wood used and the correct temperature.

Our pizza is notable for being a product different from the traditional Neapolitan pizza (round and best known among us). Our delicious and crisp bases manage to combine in an original way, tradition with a modern edge. We work the traditional way using extra virgin olive oil, sauce without preservatives, and our home made mozzarella is fresh and low in calories without preservatives. For those who worry about excess calories you have another reason to test our square pizza as the process of fermentation is 24 to 48 hours resulting in a much lighter and easier to digest pizza with just 179 calories per 100 grams , including all ingredients!

At Frittomisto we constantly renew our menu to add flavors to new tastes. Our combinations are unique and irresistible.