Rodrigo and Gabriela ‘Looking for their muses in all places’

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There’s a great ambience around Teatro Diana like they are excited to see and hear something special, something they have been waiting for, for a while. Appear on stage two casually dressed musicians wearing everyday clothes with nothing more than their guitars. What was to proceed was an incredible fusion of a multitude of musical genres PERFECTLY composed in both technique and precision. Played with a passion, a touch that was completely hypnotic! The crowd reaction was emphatic from the outset and didn’t give up. For those at the back of the theatre the brilliance in the back drop of world art and live black and white close ups of their hands was just the remedy for the curiosity you felt in seeing how it was possible that all these sounds generated from only 20 fingers. It then became apparent it was more that combined they produce 20 minds.

Rodrigo y Gabriela explained to audience early in their set that they had both played in their early days in a thrash metal band. This too was evident in most songs but then so was flamenco, Djangoesque gypsy jazz, folk Americana and Celtic. Without asking I don’t know if the latter was always present in their music as most of it feels so natural and effortlessly written but after reading that they tired of the scene’s limitations of Mexico City that they upped and moved to Europe in an effort to discover what was lacking for their progress. After having heard and seen them it was not surprising that they discovered their new musical home in the bars and pubs of Dublin Ireland. With Guinness and Whiskey abound there never letting up upbeat rhythm was never going to disappoint that crowd that frequented. With that warmth came this thunderous overture of 12 strings that touched the heart of your pub drunk to your TV music programmes to your Hollywood directors. Once you have seen them live you will understand how lucky you feel to have seen and heard them do it in the flesh.

They met in Mexico City while playing for a Thrash Band called “Tierra Acida” before moving to Ireland where they played the Irish music festival Oxegen that lead to tours and more festivals. Between 2005 and 2009 they have released three live albums, four studio albums with the 5th to be released in 2012. This new one recorded in Cuba with 13 Cuban musicians at their disposal – mouth watering prospect! In 2006 they released Rodrigo y Gabriela which is sure to be the names I use should I have twins. This album reached number one in the Irish album charts beating Arctic Monkeys and Johnny Cash to the top spot. This album really brought homage to their influential heroes adding covers of Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Testament and Overkill. All of whom they could support. I’d even go one further and say in a different time and place it could have easily been the other way round. They’d laugh at this as they are so truly humble when they speak or recount a story to their audience. They are two people you wanted to meet at a house party next to bottles of rum and coke. They explained their childlike excitement and ignorance towards the meeting or true knowing of the Cuban musicians. How they played Slayer covers at a hotel cocktail party and other such stories that make their music so genuine.  It doesn’t matter that they have reached the heights they deserve. That they have played on London’s Jool’s Holland Christmas show, Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the score of Pirates of the Carribean, Dreamworks’ Puss in Boots and by invitation a personal performance for Borack Obama and Felipe Calderon, who after hearing them asked where they were from.

Mexico can boast many jewels and they have a new one in the return of their prodigal son who have the world at their feet with what could only be described best by an English newspaper The Independent when it said “Rodrigo y Gabriela’s secret is maybe quite simple. They are resourceful musicians, and are open-hearted, happy entertainers. That, very often, is what people want.”

To the metal vegan superstars from GDLife “come back soon to Guadalajara as you promised – hasta pronto cabrones!”

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