San Juan Project

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Originated in 2008 in Guadalajara, Mexico, The San Juan Project consists of 4 members- Isreal Ulloa, Arturo Lamadrid, Arturo De La Torre, and Mayer Rod. With each member bringing there own unique style, San Juan Project‘s musical concept has been winning over the local scene of Guadalajara since there start, and through there explosive live shows they have been captivating audiences throughout the country. With there roots based in jazz, they layer there sound with electronic, hip hop, soul and funk influences, creating a lively mix for almost any audience. And with there talent for freestyle improvisation, your almost always guaranteed to see a surprisingly unique live show, which connects the band with the audience in an unmistakable way.
On drums is Isreal Ulloa. Isreal is probably the most seasoned musician of the quartet, seeing as he also plays drums for the acclaimed Grammy winning band “Belanova“. Touring with Belanova he’s had the opportunity to share the stage with renowned international artist like Evanescence, Ricky Martin, Maná, Shakira, Robbie Williams and many others.
On Keys is Arturo Lamadrid. Lamadrid is a programmer, keyboardist and guitar player, and with a long list of musical production, he is the main composer of the group, taking the leadership roll of the musi- cal direction the band follows. His stronghold in the electronic music scene, and vast knowledge of differ- ent musical genres has taken him to the position he occupies in the band.
On trumpet is Arturo de la Torre. Having studied in NYC under renowned trumpet players, Brian Lynch, Wynton Marsalis and Adolph Heserth, De La Torre is a skilled jazz player. Through touring the United States, Mexico, and Asia he’s had the opportunity to share the stage with some of the great talents from the classical and jazz world. A great improviser, De La Torre fills there sound with passion and energy, captivating your attention with every note.
On bass is Mayer Rod. Mayer puts forth the heart and soul of the band, whether Latin jazz, rock, funk, or R&B. His experience as a skilled Flamenco guitarist in the U.S. and Mexico has given him a unique approach to the bass, and in tern has made him one of the most in demand bassist in the Mexican music scene. Mayer rounds out the quartet perfectly adding his eclecticism to every performance.