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Shock Bukara are: Daniel Martinez & Manuel Amezquita who started in 2000 signed to NopalBeat Records (EMI Music), a historic moment in the Mexican electronic scene as they were the first independent band signed by a record label to promote trans-national Mexican artists. A label focusing on a new sound called Acid Cabaret, incorporating the essence of Latin music from the 50s such as Danzon, Cumbia Chachachá. This was central to the composition of their first set album titled ‘Corporama‘, from which came off the singles ‘Play Something Smooth’ and ‘Purple Game’, played nationally on radio and tv.

(STEP 02) – + LP 2010
In 2007 he joined the band Cordova & Paulo Alfonso Garcia. The alignment was modified in this new board named ‘- +’ (2010), creating a rebirth both in sound, musical form and composition.

The vocal melodies and lyrics were created entirely by Shock Bukhara, and several of the tracks were collaborations with several vocalists whose voice textures were perfect for each subject. The sonic exploration became directed to the electronic part of their sound in songs like ‘Let Go’ where Alexander participates Saat (3MF) and Juan Pablo Corcuera (Technicolor Fabrics). Uriel Villalobos (Perdutto) imparts a nostalgic and dark touch with ‘I Try’.Reminicent of Dance-Punk comes ‘Doused’ with exhuberent energy accompanied by the powerful voice of Teri Gender Bender (Le Butcherettes). ‘We are the oldest ones’, one of the most sensitive issues covered by them beautifully vocalised in their collaboration with Bryce Kushnier (Vitamins For You).

In order to perform the track 8 ‘Free‘, the group teamed with ‘Hearts of Black Science’ a Swedish band whose sound generated much interest from Shock Bukara and enabled them to achieve a production collaboration between both projects.

The processed guitars, vocals, corrupted sounds and controlled errors are the basis for creating their pieces. In this new live act they include instruments like guitars, acoustical accompaniament, electronic drums, percussion, acoustic and electronic synthesizers. All this to add originality for a set of compelling new material. The live show also includes new versions of songs from his previous album entitled ‘Corporama’.

(STEP 03)
Shock Bukara is working on what will be their new album to be ready late 2012.

Shock Bukara believes that the sound generated is a means of connection between the subconscious and the environment in which their music is played. Without wishing to enter a catalog or musical genre, the group transcends its composition, navigating between different styles of music at random, diluting its proposal from the sound of electronics to the post-rock.



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